Getting the creative juices flowing, the Splice Boys teamed up with renowned Photographer, Justin Cooper, to create the magical art piece Metalepsis. Using a combination of Phantom shooting, Multi-camera array with Flash Frozen and Motion Blur. The team created a vibrant resonating and unique video piece for the Shanghai art scene. Shot at Central Studios Shanghai.

Early testing from 2012 of various Light Painting techniques. Just a single night of shooting, anything and everything went as we explored the deeper creative possibilities available the the multi-camera array system.

Using lighting painting, multiple strobe and flash with frozen and progressive techniques. This gives just a taste of whats possible with this system.

In 2013 the Splice Boys teamed up with Irresistible Films to create some of the most ambitious multi-camera shots ever made. A 100 camera, 30m rig was built 10m in the air, kung-fu and stunt specialists flew out of a 4 story building, swords flying to create a truly unique, in-camera capture of amazing stunts. Rise of the Legend was one of the biggest action films of 2014 in China. A Special Thanks to Irresistible Films for teaming up with us to create something truly amazing!
This highly innovative piece was shot for the Sydney Dance Company. Collaborating with photographer Peter Greig, we experimented with, flash, stop-motion and motion blur techniques to create this evocative end product.